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For those of you taking Armour thyroid

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What dose are you on?

When I got my meds filled the pharmacist said it was a very high dose.
I feel funny when I take it, anxious/confused and wonder if my dose might be too high for me.
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Poor girl! Thyroid troubles are definitely *not* what you need right now!
Give your Dr a buzz in the morning to double check the dose and let them know that you're feeling funny. Have you been taking this dose for awhile? Maybe they will have you pop in to the lab for a TSH or can just tell you over the phone if they think you should lower the dose. Let us know how you're doing!
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This is the second time I have called about this and still no word back! Yes I have been on it a while and have felt funny the whole time but thought it was from another cause. I felt great yesterday just really clear, forgot to take it. Then I took it and a few hours after I took it I got that foggy anxious feeling again.
9 months pregnant and on .350mg of Synthroid- is that the same stuff?
I am on a wicked high dosage- but it'll drop to .300 mg once I birth my baby. I had my thryoid taken out so that's the dosage I pretty much live on.
armour is the natural one derived from pigs.
Wow I didn't know you could take it while preg!

I am on 180mg armour
Why wouldn't you be able to take Synthroid or Armour while pregnant?

They are merely replacing the thyroid hormones that your body would be making naturally if the thyroid was present and/or working properly. Seems to me that not taking them while pregnant could be very dangerous for both the mom and baby.

I had half my thyroid removed in 2004, and so far have been lucky that the remaining half has been doing the job. I figure it's only a matter of time before we'll have to be figuring out dosages for me. Maybe a long time if I'm very very lucky, or not. Mother only knows.
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