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For Those Of You Who Use Fuzzi Bunz....

765 Views 23 Replies 24 Participants Last post by  Samjm old was your dc when he/she finally outgrew Mediums?
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J is 19 months and still fits in mediums with room to grow. My babies are pretty small though, he is around 22 lbs right now.
My DS is 16 months old and is only 20 lbs so he still has a way to go.
My dd fit into mediums until she started using the potty at just shy of 3 years old. She weighed 32 pounds, but she's very tall and slim.
DS is just 3 and almost 40lbs. He only wears dipes for sleeping (at which time he has many layers stuffed in), and we just stopped using the mediums we had mixed in with our larges. We could use one in a pinch, especially with only one prefold stuffed inside, but the tabs were stretching too much (the outer fabric). So, I think they have a super long life in mediums....we'll definitely get a bunch more when #2 comes along.

Julia's 19 months old and 26 pounds and the mediums still fit, although they're VERY short in the rise.
Catie wore mediums till about 6 months, but now at 12 months, she can fit back into them.
She's been around 20-21 pounds for 5 or 6 months.
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My almost 7 month old is definately still in mediums. She's got a ways to go before she grows out of them. She is about 18 lbs

My DD is 2 yrs old, 25 lbs., and can still wear them on the smallest snap setting with no problems.
My 4 month wears medium fuzzi bunz but once I was out and DS age 2 1/2 needed a change and I had already used the only diaper I brought for him so I tried a FB on him and it fit!
My DS wore the mediums from 6 weeks old until about 21 months. At 21 months I switched to using petite toddlers most of the time because the rise got too short, but he still wears them meds occaisionally at 23 months and 28 pounds. He was 10lbs 8oz at birth and probably about 12 or 13 when I started using them at 6 weeks. These things fit for-ev-er for us.
My 7 month old DS is in the mediums on the smallest snaps. They are still a little big on him, but have not leaked. He is 17 lbs. and pretty long and lean. I expect to get many more months (maybe years) out of them.
My DS is almost 15 months, 28 lbs, 32" tall and *barely* fits in mediums. He's on the last snaps. It's really the rise he outgrew first. When he bends over, you can see a whole lot of crack.
He's a chunky boy too, so I'm surprised he outgrew the rise first.
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Around 16 months my DS started to outgrow the rise on the mediums, though he still had a few more snap settings left. We went into the large and they are barely tight enough on the tightest snap setting.
I have huge babies! DS only wore mediums until he was 5 months old and then we had to go to larges.
i started my ds on FB's in december (he was 9mos) and the larges were too big but the mediums were too small (too short of a rise). the PT's still fit tho (he is now 13mos).
My dd started mediums when she was 7 months and she's 21 months and still has all the top snaps and most of the bottom snaps left to go through. She's only 19 lbs though.
I recently switched to cloth with my 13 month old. I bought FB's large, but he could have worn a medium. He is 22 lbs, but his thigh measurement is 10", which is too small for a large. But the diapers are so good that we haven't had any problems with leaking!
Alex wears mediums and petite toddlers. He's 20 months old, 30+lbs, and 35" tall. His older sister outgrew them at 6 months old because of her huge thighs.
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