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I just Bfed my 3 1/2 mo for 40 minutes, he using a supplemental tube so he can get formula while he nurses. He will not stay latched without the tube. It took him that long to drink the 7 oz from the bottle. Now when i squeeze my nipple I can still squirt lots of milk across the room. I did successfully bf nmy 2 yo for 9 months, but i never tried this. After your little one nurses, can you stiull get this much millk to come out? Does this mean he is not getting any BM at all while using the supplementer? I dont want to spend 40 minutes with him at the breast of he is not getting any BM

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Yep I can still squirt milk out after dd has nursed. In fact easier than if I hadn't just nursed. Think I read somewhere that your body normally produces 15% more than what baby needs so you'd expect some to be left.

Can you tell when you let down? Cause if you can, you could hold the SNS tube to stop the flow while you're letting down to make him get that BM.

Actually I don't think 40 min is so uncommon at that age. With latching problems, I would spend that amount of time per feeding cause dd would latch, unlatch, latch, unlatch - she wasn't latched on for the full 40 mins. I'm sure her latched time was only about 5-10 mins some times.

7oz sounds very good to me - I think the most my dd ever drank at any one time from a bottle was about 4 oz. I know because she never graduated from those small Avent bottles.

Remember when you use formula to supplement that you still need to express BM to compensate for it otherwise your supply won't increase. I remember you can't pump well. Are you expressing the BM after nursing?

It must be really frustrating having BF problems with the 2nd baby when the 1st baby was easier. I've only got dd so I don't know any different. I think mentally it must be harder when you know it can be easier cause you've already had that experience.
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Thanks wombat! I have not been expressing after a feeding, I thought his stimulation alone would increase my supply. I could pump after a feeding, but i wouldnt get anything. I guess I could hand express, but even them i can only get about 1/2 oz.
I cant ever feel a letdown. I never felt it with dd either. I am just one of those women who dont feel it i guess.
thanks again.
I agree that that timing sounds right for that age. I too can squirt across the room after a feed, DD gets a kick out of it. I think that pumping after feeding is a good idea to boost your supply. Even if you don't get much or any out, it still stimulates your breasts to make more.

Good luck, and good for you for making it work!!
i just want to say that with my first child nursing was so easy from the start and with my second it WAS a total nightmare. so i can relate to that.

i agree with pumping after a feeding..then if you have any breastmilk you can add that to the suppliment and if you don't, you are stimulating your breasts and telling your body to make more! (and any time spent at the breast also tells your body to make more.) that is what i had to do for a while, although i dropper fed dd my milk until i discovered the nippleshield.

hang in there!
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