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For those who did not EC, when do you know your dc is ready for PL?

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My ds is 22 months old, and I would like to introduce him to the idea of using the potty. He stays dry at night, but still loves to poop in his diaper (does not let me know when he is doing it but I can always tell he is going
). I bought the 2 piece baby bjorn potty, but how do I start? Should I put him on it in the morning when we get up since he is dry all night and see if he will go? How do I get him to stay on it and pee? He is very active, but not very verbal yet, though he picks up a new word about every week, so I can't really explain it to him.

Any tips would be appreciated!

Daniel 8/9/03
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My son is the same age, and very interested in his "potty seat" which sits in the bathroom next to the big-people toilet. However, he also tends to poo first thing in the morning (before we get to him, that is -- when we change him upon awakening, there's a nice surprise waiting for us) so it's hard to catch him pre-poop.

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My son is 22 months and got very interested in the potty a month ago. He started staying dry at night, asking to pee on the potty, keeping his diapers dry. We happened to be on vacation when all of this started happening, so as soon as we got back we started doing naked time at the house.

For the first couple of days it was a real learning process for him, but after several days he made it to underwear. He loves his underwear and I keep him in a bummis trainer at night (just to be safe, he stays dry about 80% of the nights).

His biggest issue is pooping on the potty because he too has been very secretive about when he poops. He doesn't like to admit it. With naked time, the first couple of times he pooped and it landed on the floor he was very suprised. After that he seemed to start to understand that he needs to get it in the potty, but he still has a bit of a hard time with it. When he's in his underwear he often has little poop accidents and will then run and finish the job in in the potty.

This is very similar to how it all happened with my first son (he was 24.5 months). He started showing signs asking to pee in the potty when he was wearing a diaper, after a week of naked time at home he was in underwear full time. He didn't have the poop issue that ds2 has though, so it was easier.

I hope that helps! Good luck!
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I don't know if he understands that his potty is for peepee yet. He knows mommy and daddy pee in the toilet. I guess I should try and do naked time and when he pees I can tell him, "pee pee" so he understands. Should I let him run around naked outside and put his potty out there too? I can't pull up the rugs and let him pee on the floor because my landlord has a rule that the floors are covered 80% all the time. But I have large patio area outside I can use. Is this a good way to start?


ds has been pooping in his potty since 12 months. Simply because he hates to do so in his diaper - we've "missed" maybe 10 in that time. He's 20 months now. Pees he's not as interested in. He'll use the potty to pee 1-4 a day, and 80% of the time we're home take off his diaper the minute it's wet. When we're out he doesn't care (he waits till we're home to poop if he can though). None of this is anything we initiated, other than buying the potty and helping him understand what it's for. I've been told I should push him a bit to take advantage of the interest, but I'm too lazy for that.
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Come visit the EC board! There are MANY threads which address this topic, as it is quite common. And good for you for listening to your children!

Good luck!
My daughter is 20 months old and I have been wondering if I should introduce the potty. My daughter is also not very verbal now.

My son was verbal very early and he was 3 y.o when he learned.

So, I'm also interested in potty learning information.

My son is 8, and it seems a life time ago that he learned.

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