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So, I kind of fizzled out with doing the baby steps... BUT I'm still on the mission to get control of my clutter. So I'm doing my own baby step project now, and I'm calling it What Does Clean Mean Anyway?

What I'm Doing:
I'm going through each room in the house and finding one small thing that I can do easily on a routine basis that will make the room cleaner, tidier, or more organized
Squeegee Shower Doors (Daily)

Put Laundry all the way into the hamper (Daily)

Living Room:
Put all video game stuff in the basket (Daily)

Dishes (Daily)

Entry Way:
Shoe Area (Daily)

Dining Room:
Put away Coats (Daily)
The Long Term Goal:
To build incrementally a routine for each part of the house that has daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc tasks. I want to be on a steady maintenance system instead of my binge and purge cycle that is so exhausting.

So I hope some of the ladies from the old thread find their way over here and offer up some of their little "What does clean mean anyway" projects.

I don't think I'll ever live in a completely clutter free house. But I'd like it to always be at a manageable level.


Now is the time to go through the closets, storage bins, toy chests etc, and make room for the stuff that the winter holidays will be bringing into the house!

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I wasn't on the old thread, but flylady still creeps me out. She is too bossy! And too organized!

Anyway, clean to me is when I know company is coming, I only have to do a quick once over and everything is fine...NOT do a three day overhaul, hide stuff in drawers and closets to make my house presentable.

I am getting there.

For me it's a matter of keeping up with everyday tasks, decluttering and trying to NOT bring more "stuff" into the house.

Although, because we ended up hosting T-giving to a lot more people this year, I had to go out and get rubbermaid containers for leftovers...and I had gotten rid of all my tupperware cuz I didn't USE it much! AND we had to buy another big pot to cook in! The good news is I have room in my partially decluttered wetbar to store those extra items we will use again, because we host T-giving, and Christmas each year.

And yes, leftovers were needed. I have two teenaged boys who EAT. LOTS.

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neat idea. ill come back with a few in few minutes.

its also great to declutter in winter b/c there are so many needy families looking for coats, scarfs, gloves, hats, etc. etc. Our local mothers club is collecting this year. they are also taking used toys and are having an indoor yard sale so they can donate to toys for tots or something similar.

i went through our closets last week and got rid of ALOT of stuff (who needs 8 coat, yk? crazy stuff like that).

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I've been slowly getting more organized in the past year or so. It took me a while to recover from moving into our new house last year. I know what you mean about Flylady.....seems sort of good in theory, but her system doesn't seem to work with our family's needs and my own schedule. For me, clean means:
-a place for everything. It's impossible to clean, or even pick up at the end of the day, when there's no storage spot for every single item

-schedules for some cleaning tasks: vacuuming and deep cleaning the kitchen and cleaning toilets/showers gets done on Wednesdays when ds is at school, sheets get changed every Monday, etc.

-at least 1 load of laundry washed and folded every day

-a few daily cleaning tasks: bathroom sinks and toilet seats get wiped down every day, kitchen gets wiped down at the end of every day

I am still working on a lot of a better system for rotating/storing off season clothes, a better system for dealing with mail and catalog clutter, a better way of organizing and using our small coat closet, etc. etc. This forum is so inspirational, though!
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