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i have been noticing around the time that i am ovulating that i get very uncomfortable nursing dd. my nipples are very sensitive and i get that clausterphobic-skin-crawling sensation a lot. it lasts about a week. coincidentally, she also seems to "step up" her nursing at this time :LOL

i have done a lot of introspection about it and it really doesn't seem to be any "hidden" resentment of nursing. i believe it is truly hormonal because 5-7 days later things are back to normal.

am i alone in this? i have been getting af since around 3 mos pp
and it gets worse every month. any tips on coping? my lamaze breathing helps sometimes, but it gets hard at night when her latch isn't so great and i feel like screaming.

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Yup, right there with you. My ds gets premenstrual right along with me, too. His moodiness flares up, and he nurses much, much more, and my nipples are sensitive and sore. All this a week or so before af and then I have to suffer through af, so for TWO weeks each month I am uncomfortable!

This week I thought I might even be pregnant, my nipples were so sensitive, but the test said no. (AF due next week.)
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