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For those who make their own babyfood

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I know that a lot of mamas here make their own baby food puree stuff. I just wanted to recommend a product I bought last month for my dd. She is 2 but has some feeding issues and some days just does purees. I saw an infomercial for the Magic Bullet Blender and decided to spring for it. The thing is awesome! It purees just about anything. I have pureed pasta, a bean and cheese burrito, cooked veggies, lots of other stuff for my dd. It works really well and takes just a few seconds, very powerful little machine and not many parts to clean. It even purees so well that I can put real food down her feeding tube on her off days rather than formula. Anyway I just wanted to recommed this kitchen gadget if you make a lot of pureed baby food and it also works great with smooties.
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I want one of these, but I've only seen them sold in pairs (well, buy one get one free) and I don't know anyone else that wants to split the cost. Thanks for the review, though!
Thank you so much for this recommendation! I have gone back and forth about buying one of these things and I kept reading mixed reviews on the net, so i haven't bought one. For some reason, a recommendation from a MDC mama is just enough to make me "bite the bullet!"

I saw this item advertised (informercial) on TV but also saw it recently in a local Walgreens drugstore. I don't think it was insanely pricey but I don't remember exactly how much it was. It looks impressive on TV, but then again everything looks useful in an informercial, so it's good to hear from an actual real person!

I have a cuisinart 2.5 cup mini chopper that I LOOOVE, so if I need to puree anything for the kidlet I am planning on using that! It chops and grinds and is really, really good. I use it to make all kinds of stuff. (I bought it to grind rice and urad dal to make dosa--something USAmma knows all about!) I actually broke one while making a meal one time (my fault--put something in it that was harder than a rock and burned the motor out) and sent DH out to buy another one immediately before the store closed!
I paid $60 for it at Walgreens. It's steep but it really, really works. Better than a food processor for the puree type stuff. Not so well as a chopper though, for some foods. It does not chop onions or anything like you see on the infomerical. I tried to make hummus using the recipe in the book that comes with it, and it didn't work very well, but then I added some more water and it worked fine. You have to add liquid to make it work properly. If it's too thick it just sits there like a glob. It also works well with chopping dry nuts and stuff like that, and I have heard it grinds coffee beans well, too. I use it for pancake batter, scrambled eggs, and smoothies, too.

I just posted some recipes for picky toddlers in Nutrition and Good Eating that I made with it-- some are suitable for older babies who are starting to eat.
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Sweet. I have seen this and wondered if it was REALLY as good as they made it sound.. guess so.

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My grandmother has one of these, and although I've never tried it for babyfood, she absolutely RAVES about it. She uses it in place of so many of her regular appliances. It's the only thing she keeps on the counter. And she's not usually into Shopping Network products.

Point being that if you spring for it, it's not like it's going to be gathering dust after you're done with babyfood. It can be used for a ton of things. My grandmother uses hers to lightly chop veggies to go in salads and/or omlettes, every single day (as it's painful for her to do it the old fashioned way, these days. :p)

I can't beleive I'm endorsing this silly thing. Has anyone here actually seen the informercial for it? It's pure comedy.
o gosh, i don't think $60 is too much to pay for a good blender that really does the job. i've had a couple of really crappy blenders, tho!
i am always on the lookout for a good blender rec - i find it is so hit and miss with them. thanks!
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