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For those who moved....

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... if you rented your own truck (uhaul, budget, penske etc), did you purchase an insurance package for the truck as well?

I don't know if they are a hoax or an unnecessary expenditure but since we'll be driving almost 650 miles I'm wondering if it's a good idea. We stopped by the rental place the other day and had a look at the vehicles available (did anyone see the 20/20 expose` on how bad maintenance/safetyis on those truck?) and all their trucks are under 2 years old so that made me feel a little better, but still...
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Yes, I do as a rule and I've moved about 600 times. But one time it totally made a difference. This is a horror story! So my ex-husband and I were separating, and I decided to move from New Orleans to Idaho, where my best friend was living at the time. At the time we owned a brand new Ford Explorer, and my older Honda Prelude. The plan was that XH would drive me up in the Explorer, and we'd tow my Prelude, and then he would drive back. So we got one of those tow-dollies (for cars) and hitched it to the Explorer. Well, as it happened, something was wrong with the wiring harness either on the Explorer or the tow trailer, and to make a long story short, there was a short in the wiring somewhere, and our new Explorer caught on fire (as we were driving!!!) and we had about 1 minute to get everyone and everything (including our two dogs) out of the Explorer. God was with us, I swear, because we were in the middle of nowhere Montana, and a fire crew just happened to pass us on the freeway just as it all happened, so they were able to turn around right away and come rescue us. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened.

Anyway, the insurance we bought paid for everything we lost, as well as the amount that we owed on the Explorer, which was like $30,000 (we had only had it about 2 months). So yeah, totally worth it, especially on long trips!
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Just wanted to recommend a moving service to ya:

They do local and long distances. TROSA is a local addiction recovery program here in NC. The org. is a traditional recovery program. They started different businesses (catering, moving, etc) to keep their previous clients clean and on track and provide decent paying, respectable jobs for them. Very cool stuff. They have a catering service, too that people love! If I were moving, I would hire them, no doubt. I have friends who will only use them here in NC. Since I am all about rehabilitation and recovery, I love to refer people who are moving to them.
Sh** Amy, I hope nothing near that kind of drama happens during this move!
Yeah, so I think we will be buying the insurance....
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Also- key advice about a uhaul!!!
When we moved here- ( we are moving again in a month or so) about 4.5 hours away from where we lived.
FIL drove the uhaul, and he went on ahead- since he had to go slower- we were about an hour behind....
WE get a weird cell call from him... F%&%(*%*%( SH*#*# and that is all we get-
we think he flipped the damn thing with ALL our possesions in it
WE finally get closer to him....

HE ran out of gas.
Uhauls will run out of gas- at 1/4 tank! It is in the brochure. NOT ON THE GAS GAGE THO!
He had to walk about a mile to the nearest gas station to call us.
WE had to buy 4 huge gas containers to get it to the gas station. Did not make for a fun move....
Yeah and those things suck gas! You can lose 1/4 of a tank just going up a good hill!
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