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? for those you had short LP and used clomid to conceive

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I had a short lp and eventually had to use clomid to conceive dd. She's now four months, and I am getting nervous that it will take a while to get pg again. I would like the next one to be born when she is between 18months and two years. But it took us 8 months the first time, and I am scared it will take at least that long this time. So my question is:
Was your short lp corrected after having a baby?
Did it take you long the subsequent time?
Did you have to use clomid again?
I also plan on breastfeeding while ttc, will that mess things up even more?

thanks gals!
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I used Clomid/IUI to get pg with dd1.. then dd2 was ICSI, I tried many rounds of Clomid w andw/o IUI, then worked my way up the IF ladder and ended with ICSI
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