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I have the following:

* M Motherhood nursing shirt, grey short-sleeved, vertical slits (PENDING)
* (PENDING) M MotherWEAR nursing shirt, long-sleeved, light blue denim (lightweight fabric) with horizontal button flaps. It has a slight flaw in the fabric near the rib but in good condition otherwise.
* (PENDING) M MotherWEAR nursing dress, periwinkle blue long-sleeved, long (ankle length on me and I'm 5'5"), 100% jersey cotton, very simple design

I would love to trade. My ISO list:

* boys size 5 tnecks, dark colors, cotton
* playsilks of any color, larger sized
* boys size 5 winter coat, with a hood, that goes well with black snowpants
* Levi jeans, 550 cut, any color, 34x30
* good quality waterproof mittens for kids ages 5 and 18 mo

PM me if you're interested! If you just want to buy them outright make me an offer!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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