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foreskin and products

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I want to make up a list of products that have foreskin in it or companys that use it for testing or anything else they use it for so i can avoid it all thank you
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There could be a potential problem here, trying to avoid all products that have been tested on other products derived from neonatal foreskins, there are so many of them, in fact, just about ALL products that use an "animal alternative" for testing (guess what they use instead).

Why do you think this is such a huge market? PETA don't care - they've been send emails begging them not to endorse these "alternatives to animal testing", but they're just not interested in protecting baby boys.
This is so disgusting, it makes me sick. THIS, I truly believe is the REAL reason so many boys are circ'd in this country. They make too much money from it. OF COURSE they want everyone to think it's best to do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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