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Forget it

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All you've done is make me more upset instead of helping me to get over my anger. Thanks
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You will only get a little sympathy from me. I DO THINK WHAT HE SAID WAS MORONIC but your child was in the middle of the street. If she does not know/have the ability to judge/can't be aware when she needs to get out of the street she should not be left alone to play in the street.

I personally would have came and talk to you. My dh would have most likely just yell get out of the street, though.

Also my curtains are always closed (well at least the front ones are). I hate feeling like people are peering in. Plus we are not a very modest family, but that is nobody else's business to see.

I would really back step and address your daughters unawareness about her surroundings and her safety than the guy behavior. I would sit down with your child and say how XYZ talked to you was wrong but we have an issue ……….. You were not aware of your surroundings and you could have been hurt. For your child's safety I would use this as a teaching moment.
I do agree with you what he said is moronic but USSUALLY doesn't mean always and that can equal getting hit by a car, which is a whole lot worse than an idiot saying something nasty to your child.

There is a lot worse things he could have said to your child. Let it be a learning experience for your child, and let go. He is not worth the anger.
I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I just think your anger is misplace and you need to look at the bigger picture.

I don't live in an area were kids can play in the street. I grew up in an area that the kids can. My mil and sil(S) both live in areas kids can but with out fail the last few years kids have been hit by cars.

I think you not being able to let go of the anger sends the wrong message to your child. He words/action was completely wrong but getting angry at him does not do you any good, it doesn't keep your child safe. It does not teach your child to be safe.

I dont' doubt by your reaction that this guy isn't a dodo brain but some times as mothers we need to step back and look at how we are protecting our children.

Again, I am sorry for hurting your feelings. I am sorry if I chose my words poorly. As an outside source I just see your daughter being in the street/not leaving it a bigger issue than Dork boy across the street.

I am guess here he as done other stupid stuff and this comment was just another peg.
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I know your point is that the neighbor called your child an idiot and how that is not nice, but I think you may need to look at the big picture.

Your child was playing in the street, all the other kids got out of the way, she did not. That doesnt mean she is an idiot, that means she is a distracted child. Her distraction put her in obvious danger. Good thing there wasnt a wild driver barreling down the street that was also distracted.

If i had been a driver even going the normal speed limit, I would have been a little miffed that the kids didnt get out of the street. It is a street - streets are usually meant for cars to drive on. Kids can play in their yards, on the sidewalks or in parks, etc. It is dangerous to play on the street. period.

maybe we dont know the whole story of your relatinoship with your neighbor. Maybe he has done a lot of stuff totick you off and this was just the icing.
Sorry if we dont get it.

I had a scary incident today. DS is 17 mths and i got him out of the van- i parked on the street. We do not have curbs or drainage, just road meets a bit of grass spotted gravel meets our yard. He got away from my grasp and started to run around the van. Luckily i caught him before an SUV came blaring down our short little street. Made me very mindful of what could have happened. I need to burst my own bubble and realize that not everyone is as attentive to DS and only my world revolves around him

Glad your daughter is safe.

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Let it die please. And next time someone calls your child stupid for doing something that was not so smart, give yourself the same lecture you just gave me, and don't even think about looking for someone to make you feel better. My daughter was hiding behind a tree crying after this incident (and yes, I did remind her that she needs to pay attention and get out of the street when a car comes) and now I"m crying too and wondering if everybody is like you two. I wasn't looking for more judgement on my daughter's irresponsible behavior, I think I've had enough of that.
Kathy is your daughter feeling?
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I can tell that you were just protecting your cubs feelings just by what I can read.
I was at the Dollar store and asked where the bathroom was. The clerk pointed to the back carelessly and my 3 yo had to go.... we ended up walking into the stock room and the manager followed us back there. She told me that we would have to walk to the grocery store. I was stressed bc he needed to pee and she was sooooo rude. I went off on her... I mean OFF THE CHAIN. She probably called the cops. Looking back on it, I freaked, I understand. You just don't expect people to be cruel like that to children. It stayed with me for about 2 months... but now I can look back at it and laugh, finally. Hugs to you... and yes, people like to lecture on mdc.... and it gets a little annoying.
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