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former caffeine addict relapsed today

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This morning I was so tired and all I wanted to do was go back to bed but my dc was wide awake of course and dp didn't want no part of her

I wanted her to have a good day so I went to the medicine cabinet and took 1/2 of a vivarin pill.
The last time I took it I felt bad, upset stomache and was still tired but this time, it worked like it used to work when I first started taking them several years ago. Several years ago I became addicted to them I had to have them every day and the dosage kept increasing or it wouldn't work.
When I tried to quit then I had severe headaches from it and had to sleep all day and this type of thing can't happen now that I have a toddler.
I know going to bed earlier would help with my sleepiness but the thing is this morning I had gotten my 8 hours of sleep and was still tired.
Its always like that, rarely do I feel energetic, but today I was full of energy and wanted to clean everything and do run around w/ my baby it was really great.
I eat healthy but still I am tired all the time.
I guess I am looking for suggestions to get me energetic in the mornings so that I don't fall into the caffiene hole again.
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jrayne, first of all, your little girl is *adorable*!

Second, I found after being caffiene free for a year or so, gonig back to using caffiene judiciously when I really felt I needed it wasn't tough, and when I only used it occasionally, it actually woke me up - as opposed to the years of drinking caffiene constantly Just Because. So, taking some today doesn't neccisarily mean you're going to fall back down a hole! Don't lose heart and start taking Vivarin every day because you feel like you've failed. But, don't be afraid to take another one occasionally when you really feel you need it.

If it were me, I'd prefer a cup of tea to the Vivarin. I don't trust pills, even if the active ingredient is something familiar.

Anyway, I'm a tea addict. Has nothing to do with the caffiene, I just like a warm cuppa in my hand
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I was afraid I would take some today I was tired this morning but I didn't so I think I will be okaly since I am so aware of what can happen, I have tried to have tea I heard green tea has caffeine in it but it didn't do a thing, I occasionally have hot chocolate but that doesn't spark my energy either, I hate coffee and soda burns my throat (I think the pill would be safer tho) .

Thanks for the compliment on my baby, she is my world!
Coming off caffiene is so hard! I've done it a few times, and occasionally if I am REALLY REALLY tired I will put a tiny bit of regular coffee in with my decaf when I make a pot. But I have to be so careful because if I get too much I cannot sleep... and DS is not a good sleeper so I go into sleep debt very quickly. Little by little you'll get there!!
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