Abbott Nutrition has restarted production of baby formula at its Sturgis, Michigan facility, and expects to release EleCare and other specialty formulas on or around June 20, 2022.

According to NBC News, the company met the initial requirements the Food and Drug Administration set forth for them to begin manufacturing again after the plant closed down earlier due to samples of bacteria were found in formulas from that production plant and investigations into the illnesses of at least four infants were started. Two infants connected with the investigation died.

Abbott says they're working as fast as they can to restart the production of popular Similac products, as well as other formulas, and will begin to make them as soon as they can. The dire situation for many people (including adults) who are dependent upon the specialty formulas Abbott makes has led the FDA to give guidelines for reopening and beginning production again in an effort to end the shortage.

Still, there's a nationwide shortage that has parents all over the country desperately seeking/sharing/buying/trading (and even stealing) whatever formula they can find so they can feed their infants. Even when Similac and other common formulas begin the reproduction process, there's likely to be a delay and shortage for several more weeks.

The FDA issued a consent decree, which Abbott agreed to, that stipulated the Sturgis facility needed to retain an independent expert for the review of all operations and products, as well as to ensure the company continues to follow regulations and the law. If the review process deems the formula unsafe, even reopening the facility will not make a difference in the extreme shortage. The company will have to test products and halt any production if there is any contamination. Abbott has said they're committed to getting formula out, but still remains neutral on whether the bacteria traces found originally have any connection to the illnesses and deaths the FDA is investigating.