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formula recs for IGT/Hypoplasia Mommy

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Hi Mamas!

Not sure if this is the right place to post or not, but I'm looking for some whole foods/natural infant formula recommendations.

I have IGT (insufficient Glandular Tissue), also known as Mammary Hypoplasia. If you're unfamiliar with it, here's a great article about it:

With dd, I had to supplement the entire time I breastfed, and couldn't understand why, and after meeting with some EXCELLENT lactation consultants once I got pregnant again, I was diagnosed with IGT. My case is not as bad as some, and I can make some milk. I will be doing everything I can to increase supply and have a scale to weigh baby to determine what it's getting from me.

I'm 37 wks today, and I want to find some natural formula to use in case it is needed so I don't have to do a midnight run to walgreens for enfamil!

Anyone out there have to use formula and found something good?
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Posting in case you haven't thought about donor milk. There may be mamas in your area with over supply who would be willing to donate. I would look for donor milk before formula, so I wanted to throw that out there for your consideration.
Our local nice grocery has organic formulas for sale now.
Oh, I hadn't even considered milk donation! That's definitely worth pursuing, though. Thanks!
Hope the quest for donor milk goes well, and best wishes for your birth!
I have low supply, too, so I've done a lot of research on this. There are quite a few organic formulas out there, but there is controversy surrounding the ones that contain dha and ara because of the chemicals used to derive them. Baby's First formula seems the "cleanest" to me, but it's made with whole milk proteins that my baby reacted to. I don't really understand how cow's milk is not recommended to infants because it can cause intestinal bleeding, and yet, the "regular" varieties are all made with whole milk proteins. You can also get the specialized ones that have varying degrees of broken down proteins. The "sensitive" or "gentle" versions are usually these. And of course, donor milk is best, if you can get it. Good luck! Also, Motherlove special blend herbal supplement is really good for increasing supply. I got mine at
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We are still getting donor milk and it's been wonderful! Try HumanMilk4HumanBabies on Facebook!
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