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Fort Campbell Birth Options

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Hi ladies I will soon be moving to the Fort Campbell area. I am looking for any information I can get on birth options. I saw that the only midwives in the area are at BACH. Currently I am seeing a CNM and would really like to continue with another at Fort Campbell. Do you know how the rotation works. Do I pick who my provider is or do they randomly pick someone for me? Is their any doctors that are more natural birth friendly? dosen't have to be at BACH but I would perfer to be in Clarksville or Hopkinsville.
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I can't help on the hospital situation, but I do know a couple of CPMs who could do a homebirth in the area. If you're interested in that option, PM me...thanks.
Thank you but we will be living out of a hotel at that point and my husband is not on board with a home birth.
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