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Hi, everyone! I've placed a revision to the FB&NP Guidelines to help clarify the forum's intent and purpose. The paragraph in italics is the new addition.

Welcome to The Family Bed and Nighttime Parenting forum. Mothering is an active advocate of co-sleeping and the family bed. This forum is intended to serve this advocacy and support and encourage parents in co-sleeping, even through the difficulties that arise.

When a parent posts here to discuss struggles with co-sleeping and asks for advice members should post with suggestions to ease problems and encouragement to support co-sleeping, not to advise against it. Posts of that nature are not appropriate. If parents come to a decision that their child sleeps better in his or her own space, discussions here can be in support of how to best parent such a child at night in a nurturing way.

{Peggy's quote}

Please appreciate that this forum is not a place to uphold or advocate CIO (Crying It Out). Posting personal preferences for and encouragement of the use of CIO and similar sleep training methods are not acceptable. Posts of that nature will be edited by the member upon request or will be removed.

Please feel free to discuss your problems and needs with the intent to learn more about co-sleeping and the family bed.
If there are any questions about the Forum Guidelines, please PM me, Jacque Savageau, BathrobeGoddess or post to the Questions & Suggestions forum. Thanks so much
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