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Foster parenting

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This is all in the talking stage, but I am looking into becoming a foster parent, especially for pregnant teens. I like teen girls in general, and think I could be a good mentor/role model for a young, single mama. There is a shortage in my area for foster homes for teens that would welcome the baby as well. And I love babies!

My mom lives with us and would be supportive, though only peripherally involved (she is 87, and getting less active). Her concern is the impact this would have on my kids, especially my 10 year-old baby-obsessed DD. I also have a 9YO boy, but it would have less impact with him. Mom fears that DD would get the message that teen parenthood is a viable option, even desirable. DD loves babies, and I think it would be great for her to learn childcare skills, and be a reality check about 24/7 life with a babe. So I see the lessons as valuable, as well as providing a supportive environment for a young family.

Any ideas/opinions?
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I think it would be a huge commitment and really hard, but good for you if you are willing to take on this kind of a responsibility. One difficult dynamic might be the importance of impressing upon the girl that you would be her foster parent, and she would parent her baby--I imagine things could get sticky there.

I don't think that having a pregnant teen in the house is going to give the message to your daughter that that is a desirable option. Probably the opposite. She would see what a big deal it is.
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