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Just wanted to pass along, that in my Big Lots store (Bakersfield, California), in the baby section I found plastic diaper covers (6 per pack) by Gerber for $2.99. Various sizes (I saw small, med. & xlarge). Big Lots used to be called Pic-N-Save, and in certain areas still is.<br><br>
They also had Carter brand onesy, shirts, and pants for like $2.50 for pack of 2.<br><br>
So check your store if you have one in your area.<br><br>
As a side note, if anyone needs those plastic covers and doesn't have a store in their area, I would be willing to pick them up and mail them to you for their cost and actual shipping charges, depending on if they still have them when I next go up there (I live an hour from Bakersfield). Just PM me.
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