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This pg b/c I am 35 and do have a significant family history I opted for an amnio. Prior to starting the amnio I had a level II u/s. My goal was to keep my head turned to refrain from viewing anything I didn't want to see (i.e. gender) but the tech and I were have a long conversation about the amnio during which time she got started on the u/s. She had no sooner put the wand on my belly when she asked about finding out the gender. I turned to look at her and tell her my wishes but saw a tiny penis on the screen between 2 legs and the bottom of a tiny bottom (obviously a look from the bottom-up). I started giggling and said "Uh boy! Well ...I wasn't going to find out but he's kinda hard to miss!" She laughed and said "yup, a little exhibitionist!"
So we're having another little boy! We haven't come with a name yet but DS decided long ago this baby was going to be known as "Slink."

...Now just to wait on those amnio results.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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