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I can up that: Here is a copy of the actual study he's talking about in the article:

Here's some other research which was done in New Zealand:

I'm all done here, no chance of snaping up an intact man, at least not in this lifetime for the time being.
Though I'm sure my unconscious dream life makes up for it somewhat.
It's probably the one thing I want that will never have. Which I am so NOT'd think that everyone should have a right to their full genitalia. So, is it being materialistic wishing that my inlaws had left DH with full genital functioning so that both of us could experience the full extent of physical pleasures with eachother? I think not. I grieve his loss (our loss) probably every day. It makes me sad when I think of what was done to him. Restoration at least provides a somewhat positive way to help take back control and regain some of what was lost.

Of course, I feel good that I am protecting my future daughter-in-law's sex life as well by keeping my son intact.
And, hopefully by educating our children on the differences, etc. they will make good choices when it comes to their children. The family cycle of genital cutting ended with my DH.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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