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Does anyone know if a huge flare-up of PSD can be caused by the baby's head dropping? Does bed rest even help those of you w/severe PSD or does it make it worse? Are you at all able to care for a toddler alone without help?

Mine's been fairly under control--I would have called it discomfort rather than true pain this entire pregnancy. Now it's gone to 11, if you know what I mean.

I went to yoga last night and I think I did something really wrong. I can't walk without being in excruciating pain because I can't lift my legs independently, I have to sort of shuffle them around. . .it took me 20 min. to make the journey from the bedroom to the kitchen here.

Could this be because the baby's head has dropped? It feels like it is RIGHT on my pelvic bone, and doing pelvic tilts does not move the baby off. No ctx yet though
I am 38 weeks today btw, so that is not me hoping for a terribly early baby.

I am really dreading DH going to work today and leaving me at home with my toddler when I seriously cannot walk to the bathroom. Also I went almost 43 with DS so I am dreading being in this type of pain for another 4 to 5 weeks.
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Is the pain in your hips, or just right on your pelvic bone? Do you have chiropractor you can see? You could have done something to yourself at yoga if you over did it, but I don't know if baby's head alone would cause what you are describing.
You know, I was just wondering if my baby just dropped because I looked down and my belly wasn't way out past my boobs and I felt hiccups centered and lower than ever. I also felt a lot of pressure while I was going to the bathroom (TMI, sorry, but I was pooping and felt something coming down to my cervix/vagina and pressing).

But my SPD really isn't bothering me right now.

My guess would be that you overdid it. Did you do any positions that spread your legs or anything new in class? Or anything at all on your back? Either of those can cause SPD to flare up.

The severity of mine has come and gone at a couple points--I do understand what you're saying, it sounds so familiar, the shuffling, the pain when trying to separate legs, etc.

Get to a chiro if you can, try a belly band (someone suggested a scarf tied really tight around your hips, which I need to try) and above all--don't push yourself! SPD isn't something that you can walk past, when it says stop, you stop for safety.

I also understand that terror of being left with your toddler during a horrible flareup--I've BTDT and it's NOT fun.

Honestly, I'm not expecting to do another post-term pregnancy myself (I was 42 weeks with DD), but a lot has been different with this pregnancy. Maybe you are going to go closer to 'on time' this time? Sometimes contractions just don't start until you're right there. Of course, I've been BHing all over the place for weeks, so I have no idea what that kind of pregnancy would be like,

It's not ideal, but try to set up some sedentary activities for your DS. Or move a bunch of stuff into the bedroom so you can rest while he plays ,you read together, etc.

Oh, you have probably already been through this all day--you poor thing, I hope you're feeling some better.
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Try a maternity support belt. I have had to wear mine the past few days because my SPD has gotten pretty bad. I haven't even had the chance to visit my chiropractor yet and my pain has been greatly relieved as long as I have the support belt on. I'm even thinking about sleeping in it tonight since the pain is at it's worst when I try to move in bed.
I don't have any tips, but I just want to say I very literally feel your pain. I'm in the same spot. My pain was amplified by a horrific bout of stomach flu this past weekend, and now... well, going "to 11" just about describes it. I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow (more to try to flip my little breech baby than for the hip pain), but now I'm sooo glad I'm going. I've never been before; I hope it helps.
And I wish you RELIEF soon soon soon... Hang in there.
Thanks--we made it through the day! I actually went in for an emergency chiro. appointment and it was magical--she got me walking again, still some pain but NOTHING like what I had been experiencing. I could kiss her

No more open leg poses for me in yoga, I just make too much relaxin and everything is just too shifty down there for now.

My toddler was really great and he took a 3 hr. nap in the afternoon so I got some rest, then I let him destroy the whole basement while I lounged on the couch until DH got home (seriously, he even turned off the water heater, I just let him run wild!) He's a good boy and I think he knows mama can't get around like usual.

It's too bad it's snowy and 19 degrees here or we'd play outside

I hope all you mommas feel better soon too. Think of it this way, when we get the babies out we're bound to have our pelvises either feel better or begin recovering. (I know unfortunately mine was worse after birth last time but now I know what to do to get things back together faster so I'm hoping for a less-than-6-week recovery)
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