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Freaking about taking babe to hawaii after July

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My friend who goes to Hawaii all the time just informed me I would have to have vaccine records to take baby on my lap. I don't plan to vaccinate. It won't be until after July and maybe closer to September before we go. She said I'd have to have a birth certificate with vaccine recs on it. Somebody tell me that I don't have to have that. Older people who don't have vaccine records don't have to show anything so why a baby.

Please somebody tell me it's not true!
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Is this something new? It doesn't sound right to me. Why does Hawaii need proof of vaccinations?

I flew to Hawaii last summer with DD (who is not vaxed) and didn't even bring her birth certificate.
I haven't ever heard of that.

I've never flown to Hawaii, but both to Europe and domestically with a baby on my lap. Domestically, they didn't even ask me for any ID for the baby (ie no birth cert.). For Europe, I needed only the passport for ID but no vaccination records.

To be sure, you could check with the airlines you'd be flying with.
Isn't it illegal for pretty much any documentation other than ID to be required for interstate travel? (sorry, not in DDC--caught me browing new posts). Seems like a potential constitutional issue.
I think your friend is misinformed. My brother and his wife and two kids just moved to Hawaii...nothing was needed.

Your baby won't need anything either. Any plane travel with your child within the US is the same...and Hawaii is still US.
I loved flying with dd at that age. She could latch on and nurse at take off and landings...and then sleep the whole flight.
(we flew at odd hours when she would normally sleep though) It was great.

Have fun!

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If you have a lap child they ask that you bring some proof of age, either a birth certificate of vaccine record.
Either this a brand new law or your friend has been misinformed.
I think your friend is misinformed, unless this is something brand new! My understanding is that you only need a birth certificate (to insure that the babe is under two - as if they can't tell that by LOOKING at YOUR babe! LOL)... I'd check with your airlines!!

Thanks, I feel a ton better now. My friend just likes to make people squirm and go crazy like that I think.
: That makes me feel better they just need to know babies age. Whew!

Ok, done freaking out now.
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I have to fly in June - tho not to Hawaii, just to Colorado - and all I was planning on bringing was a birth cert, just in case. I hope they don't want anything else...
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You *may* need a birth certificate or vaccine record. In kids under 2, they will take a vaccine record as proof of identity. Now my kids and I have flown 3 times in the past year and I have never been asked for any id for them. If you dont have your birth certificate back yet in July (some states are SLOW), a yellow vaccination card without shots in it with your babies name and birth date is id. They are just looking for the birthdate and name on the outside, not the actual shots.

Originally Posted by Trishy
If you have a lap child they ask that you bring some proof of age, either a birth certificate of vaccine record.
I've never even been asked for that.

My the airline you'll be traveling on and ask their policy.
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