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Freaking out about labor/delivery!

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I am so embarrassed to admit this: I'm totally panicking about labor and delivery.

I've done this three times, I know what to expect. Why can't I just chill out? I feel like I am having flashbacks from the PTSD I experienced after each of them.

I've been reading as many peaceful birth stories as I can, trying to get myself into a positive space about it. I don't know what else to do. Wah!
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I'm freaking a bit too, because I DO want to have a different experience than I had with DS. Not that his birth was BAD, but I want some things to go differently.

I totally get it.
I get it, too. I have only had one and only got to about 3 cm with him. So it is more anxiety over not knowing what to expect. Of course, I want things to go completely different this time, so there is that bit of doubt that I am desperately trying to push away. I am usually optimistic, but I did NOT sleep well last night.

Sorry you are feeling this way. What a fun thing to have in common, LOL!
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It's a bit late, but if you can get a copy of Birthing from Within, it may help. She addresses birth trauma quite a bit and how to mentally prepare.
I'm not too excited about it either. I know some women embrace and actually enjoy labor, but I do not. At all.
I am nervous, too, but I keep reminding myself that my desire for the "perfect" unmedicated birth needs to remain flexible. I know the chances of me being fine and my baby being born healthy are VERY good regardless of how the birthing process goes.

But I am so curious about how my labor will start. I was induced with DD and it was horribly painful.
I am a bit nervous, I wouldn't say I am freaking out, but nervous. I am a FT and I just don't know what to expect. You would think the 20 something hb's I have attended would've prepared me some, but it is different becuase it is me doing it now. I want to be as gracefull and strong as all the mama's I have witnessed, but what if I am a wimp. I guess I am having a bit of pre-performance anxiety.
I'd be lying if I said there weren't some mini-panics going on in my head, too! I've been at two friends' births in the last few weeks, and it both calmed me and panicked me, if that makes sense! In some ways it really solidified my belief that I CAN do this, but in other ways it has me completely freaking out that I HAVE to do it.

Don't you just love hormones!!
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I'm glad I am not the only one! Last night, the ctxs really picked up and I thought, This is it! And then I panicked. OMG! I can't do it! Of course, it all came to a screeching halt. Ugh.

I get why women have inductions though. Seems like there would be some relief in saying, "I am having the baby on Friday at 11am." LOL - if only it were that easy!
OMG, this is me
I am a "birth junky" but freaking about doing it again. This will be our first home birth too so I'm not sure what to expect. We CAN do this ladies!!! right??
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I am freaking out as well! Ds's birth was very traumatic and I hoping this one will be peaceful. I had a beautiful labor with ds it was just the last hour was a disaster. I am really trying not to carry that into this birth. I hope Kharma is on my side and that I can birth this baby the way I want too! I tried the last time and Murphy's law applied to everything!
well, as for me, i'm doing my best to *not* think about it in advance. last time (my only other time), i let it creep up on me, and all that happened was stronger and stronger contractions. at 2 am i woke up from the strength of them, couldn't go back to sleep with them, they hurt enough that i thought, "this is why people get planned c-sections," and baby was born just after 7 am. so it was "only" five hours of somewhat agony. really only the last two hours (coincidentally, the same two hours i was at the hospital) that were really bad. the build up was painful, but tolerable. i was able to go unmedicated all the way, even though i wasn't "prepared" for it.

this time i have a doula, and hopefully a midwife (although she rotates with an OB group, so you never know who you will get in the end) -- but with any luck, i should have a lot more "support" than i got last time.

if i think about it too much, i will freak out too. so i'm trying to just go about my normal days these last few weeks (days?) and figure i will take it as it comes. good luck to all of you. can we do it? of course!!
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I'm right there with you ladies!

I had a WONDERFUL birth with my DS (HBAC) and expect the same this time... and then I I foolish to expect to have another good experience? What if it's way worse/!
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