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A little hx:
I have always had somewhat irregular periods. When I was 15/16 they were so heavy and painful (passed out on several occasions) that we went to the doc and I had a fibroid. A huge one. It was removed via lapy& myomectomy in a very complex new procedure (at the time). I got pregnant 3 weeks later (oops!
). After dd, I never got my period before getting pg with ds. After I had him, it was almost a year before I got my period, and then I had a pretty normal, healthy year of regular periods (half of which was bc free)

After having dd#2 (22 mo), I got my period when she was about 6 mo, and they have been fairly regular, long but light.

But the past few months things are changing. Whereas they used to come around the 20th-25th, they have been getting closer together. DD still nurses just as much as a year ago, so I know it's not that. No bc, either.

And now, I just started again last night. And it started out dark and rusty, and is now BRIGHT red like fresh blood. The only time I have ever bled like this is immediately after birth. This is very unusual. What is wrong with me??

I am seriously scared to DEATH that this is another fibroid. I had to fight tooth and nail to keep my uterus the first time. I don't want to be done having babies ever again. I just could not bare to lose it, but I know that they really push for removal if fibroids recurr. Especially when they are as large and aggressive as mine was last time.

What should I do???

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It could be that you are not ovulating (which would not be unusual due to bfing) which sometimes makes periods come closer together. As for the bright red blood, even though you haven't had that before, its still within the realm of normal.

You might consider going to the ob/gyn just for a checkup to be sure things aren't too amiss. But I think you should consider acupuncture for gyn issues. I'm not a strong advocate of acupuncture in general, but female reproductive system issues are one thing chinese acupuncture seems to deal with very, very well.
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