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Freaking out!

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Ok, I just change ds's diaper, and his hole at the tip of his foreskin seems to have closed. He's having wet diapers, but I'm concerned, because a couple of weeks ago he scratched the tip of his foreskin when he was playing with it in the bath. Could the scratch have healed shut? I don't want to take him to the dr., because I don't want them to mess with him. Help!
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start by soaking in a warm tub?
As long as he is able to pee and doesn't seem uncomfortable, there is probably nothing to worry about. Was his diaper wet?

nevermind, obviously I didn't read thoroughly...

It probably just looks like that, if he's wet, it's obviously not closed up. After being smooshed in a diaper, my ds sometimes looks ike that, too.
His diaper was wet. Maybe it's nothing, but he has been hating having his diaper changed lately, I thought it was just a phase. I don't know, I think I will let him run around naked, so I can see what happens when he pees.

Eta: Nevermind, I just changed him again, and he looks normal. I guess it did just smooshed funny. Thanks for the reassurance.
My DS's foreskin almost always looks completely squished closed after he's been in a diaper for a while. I can tell he's about to pee on me when suddenly I can see the hole open up
Actually I was giving him a bath yesterday when I noticed just that - closed up looking foreskin under the water, then the hole opened up, and there was just the slightest little change in the bathwater surface that confirmed he was urinating :p
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LOL You sound like me. I have no idea what intact baby boys were supposed to look like... all my nephews were circ'd.
My bebe is the only one intact. (Out of NINE boys). So I'm constantly thinking "is that normal??" Squoosed, loose, it looks different every time I change him.
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Suddenly I had a little song in my head, to the tune of the old leggo jingle. "Intact! It's a new penis every day!"
I think that flesh just sort of moves around in there. I was babysitting a little circ'd guy, and sometimes he would look like he was almost intact, could just see the glans tip. Other times, he looked like there was no foreskin left at all. The flesh just gets smooshed different ways, I guess.
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