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Free 2005-2006 Pizza Hut Book-It Program ~ Homeschool Deadline 6/10

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Someone else had made me aware of this and wanted to share:

Deadline for homeshoolers is 6/10 !!
Wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. Here are the basics if someone doesn't know about it.

2005-06 BOOK IT! Enrollment
It's that time of year again! Time for schools to sign up to receive the FREE teacher materials for the 2005-06 BOOK IT! Program. Enroll now and Build Reading Mania at your school!

FREE Pizza
When a child meets a monthly reading goal, the teacher gives him or her a Pizza Award Certificate. The child brings the certificate to a Pizza Hut restaurant where he or she is given a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza.

Pizza Hut is proud of all BOOK IT! Readers! The restaurant manager and team congratulate every child for meeting the monthly reading goal.

On the first BOOK IT! visit to Pizza Hut, the child is presented with at BOOK IT! card and sticker to recognize the reading achievement. On each subsequent visit, the child is rewarded with another sticker. If a child meets the reading goal in all six months of the program, he or she receives a BOOK IT! All-Star Reader Medallion from Pizza Hut.

Enrollment in the 2005-06 BOOK IT! program is currently underway. For more information, click here.

There is a link for homeschoolers to follow for the forms
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I just wanted to chime in with my concerns about this program... There have been a number of studies on rewarding children to try to get them to do something. They almost uniformly show that children will comply, but both long- and short-term effects can be negative. For the book-it program, for example, kids might choose shorter stories in the short term. Over the long term, they may actually lose interest in reading (because they were reading for pizza, not because they like to read). More info is here:

Here's a quote from that site:

"But what is the effect on these students' choice of reading (hint: look for a run on short books with large type), their comprehension of what they've read, and above all, their attitude toward reading when the program is over? The late educational psychologist John Nicholls speculated several years ago that the likely result of this program would be "a lot of fat kids who don't like to read."
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So that leaves only two days to read Alfie Kohn's "Punished by Rewards" and decide that you don't want to touch Book-It with a ten-foot pole :LOL

Thank you Tina! I've been wondering about this.

I don't know if they'll let us sign up, because Ryvre is not going to be 5 this year (technically, he'll have to wait two more years because his birthday is in October, even though he'll be in kindergarten this year...) but i think it's a good program, so we'll try

I did this as a kid, and thought it was a positive experience
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Honestly, as a homeschooler (we did this last year) it is not as if my kids associated the "reward" with reading. I filled out the form, signed it and just asked them their favorite book character for that month.

Of course, Pizza Hut hates us, because we always got ONLY the free pizza, no sauce, 1/2 cheese and took it next door to Jamba Juice, lol
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I think rewarding kids for reaching goals or other sorts of positive behavior is an excellent way to get them excited about things!
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