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So I've moved out and we have a temporary custody arrangement going right now. I agreed to "free access",and I explained it as, if the kids want to visit the other parent, or talk on the phone to them, of course they may.

Well, exh is abusing this, imo. He calls three times a day when the kids are here.(they don't call him, the practically don't have the chance to!) And then HE asks them to come over to visit him. He is a really controlling mean person, so I don't think the kids really have the guts yet to say they don't want to go. So they go, and spend a lot of "my " time with him.

What does free access mean to you, and do I just bring this up with the mediator or what? It's making me angry and stressed, I feel like he's abusing the spirit of the whole thing. And we've not had the chance to get a routine of our own going, with what I see as his interference.
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