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Hello, folks! I work with a group of moms from the U.S., Canada, and Israel to help orphans in Ukraine. You can read about our efforts at

We've been working on collecting donations from individuals and companies. We've received donations from companies like Little Tykes, Fuzzibunz,,, MegaBloks, Bummis, and I'd like to invite you to join these companies in donating!

Any donation would be appreciated, and in exchange we thank you in our "loving hearts" page with a link to your site. we also may (no guarantees) include your company name in press releases.

We're collecting the following:

* preemie and infant CPFs
* covers of any kind
* blankets
* crib and twin sheets
* baby-safe soaps
* warm weather clothing
* tights, socks, shoes
* snappis
* diaper pins
* diaper rash creams and salves
* small wooden toys

and if you make or sell something not listed here that you'd like to donate, e-mail me and I'll see if we can use it!

You mail the stuff to me and I then send it on to Ukraine. So far I've collected and sent more than 1000 lbs!

[email protected]


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