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Hi, my name is Kristaps (or Chris, for the English speaking crowd). English is not my native language, so my apologies for any grammar mistakes.

I am studying to become a fitness trainer, the studies will be completed this September.

All of the advice mentioned in this post will be FREE. I will not ask payment in any kind of form in exchange for my help.

Is there anyone here who is not satisfied with their physical well being, looks or daily energy levels? Can the cause for these feelings be insufficient physical exercise, unhealthy weight, less than perfect diet regimen?

If yes, please let me help you!!!
These are the ways I can you with:

1) Explaining the basic principles of nutrition, assisting in creation of a diet regimen, intended for your goal - muscle gain or fat loss.
2) Assisting in the choice of a physical activity and help in choosing the correct volume/difficulty, intended for your goal - increasing aerobic capacity, strength, coordination etc.

I am doing this because I want to gain some practical experience.
In my home country (Latvia) I am also organizing free group exercise sessions outside, that obviously would not work here.

In order for me to assist more people, write in this format please
1) Gender, age, weight
2) Amount you want to lose or gain
3) Physical difficulty of your work (scale 1-5, 1 is sittin, 5 is moving all day)
4) Physical activity outside work (scale 1-5, 1 is sedentary, 5 - doing sports every day)

Please do not contact me on this forum, but using my facebook blog, I will answer all of the question trough there. / Athletic-fitness-1791759717719374/

Dont mind the language of the blog, just send me a message.
If you have short/simple questions, ask them here, so that we could keep this thread active. I would log in once a day and answer them ;)

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