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I have these diapers, it's a pain to try to sell them, ship them, etc. They are mostly prefolds, so heavy. My intention was to give them to a family that needed them here in the Portland, Oregon area.

These things are used, but all things are usable. There might be some stains, and the Bummi's nylons are darkened by our water, but all elastic, snaps, and velcro are in good shape.

It's the honor system, please don't ask if you can afford to buy your own prefolds. The lots are predivided, don't ask me to split them further, it makes it too complicated and I don't have time.

Please be willing to meet me between now and Christmas at Portland Providence Hospital (47th and Glisan). If your home is on my way to work (I live in far east Clackamas county) I will drop them off, otherwise, make arrangements to meet me, please. If you no-show, they go to someone else.

We were once a needy family, people gave me diapers, wraps, things I needed. Sometimes we still feel like a needy family, but we aren't, really, lots of money goes out to catch up for all the years our income was not good. When I was pregnant and in school and on state assistance Holiday Helper gave us a lovely Christmas. My husband had to brave a big snow in 2008 to pick up our box at the post office. :) Sweet memories.

Post or PM me if you can meet all my silly criteria. Sorry it's complicated. :)

The lots:

Lot 1: To a pregnant mama:

12 unbleached cotton preemie prefolds
4 orange edge newborn prefolds
4 white edge small prefolds
5 dark blue edge small prefolds
7 (varying shades) green edge small prefolds

Lot 2: A child currently in small diapers who needs an upgrade:

1 unbleached cotton white edge medium prefold
3 red edge medium prefolds (GMD?)
6 green edge medium prefolds
6 dark blue edge large unbleached prefolds (Nikki's diapers?)
3 white flats (washed but not used)
2 medium velcro Bummi's covers
1 unbleached wool Swaddlebees medium pull on cover (looks brand new)

Lot 3 To a kiddo in mediums but needing larges:

14 orange edge large prefolds
3 Bummi's nylon covers ( 1 large, 2 extra-large)

Lot 3: To a kiddo age 1 or so moving towards XL diapers:

15 XL/toddler prefolds (both worn and used as diaper changing covers)
Purple XL Dream-Eze side snap AIO (hemp?)
1 bamboo Motherease Toddler with doubler
3 Stacinator toddler covers
3 doublers
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