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north austin preferred:

I used to be a professional postpartum doula, but quit two years ago when my fourth baby was born. i really miss my work, but don't want to work/find childcare for the 12 hours a week my old job required. i have busied myself over the last two years with friends who were having babies, but now I don't know anyone who has a little baby/and or needs the support.

postpartum support is mostly to aid in breastfeeding and help mother the mother into her new role. to give her and her baby a chance to bond. Basically you would need my help if you #1 don't have close family or friends who can help you, #2 want to breastfeed, but have not done it before , or "failed" last time, and #3 do not have the money needed to hire a postpartum doula or breastfeeding consultant. i am a Christ follower, and i feel lead to offer this service for free as a way to serve Christ. So, obviously you should either be Christian, or not have any problem with me being one

in addition to postpartum issues, and breastfeeding, i also am very well versed in natural and/or home births, baby wearing (slings), cloth diapering, and other natural family living things.
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