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Free Fitted Diaper Pattern

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Is there one of these online?

And if not, which pattern do you think is the best for an inexspensive price?

Thanks so much!
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I am loading the site now. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
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No problem!

I am a big fan of Amber's (Darling Diapers) patterns. I have purchased the AIO, potty dance pants, and bib patterns and they are all excellent.

She also has a pocket fitted pattern that I have heard is very good and easy to transform into a plain fitted or a true pocket.

Oh, and if you email her (address on the web site) and ask, she'll send you a copy of her free newborn-size fitted. No instructions, but a cute one to serge. Here's the link to the original discussion to it... and I just bumped it, too.
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