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These dipes were in fine condition before I left them in the pail for about 6wks. Yikes. I washed them up and they all came out with holes in the them (??) So you can have them free for shipping - if anyone wants them.

5 UB Premium Prefolds - 2 are CPF's and 3 are DSQ. They are basically stain free, but have big holes in them. I have never used bleach - it must have been the amonia from the pee which ate them.

1 Med Bumkins AIO - green sea life print - elastic is shot on the one leg - velcro coming off an inch or so on the front - also this has holes in it too - from the same thing as mentioned above.

All are free - you pay shipping.

Please PM me if interested.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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