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Free for Shipping: Mama Pad Assortment

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Here's the scoopie.

I ordered these in a trade, and the wahm was just starting out and I just don't like these.

I have worn a couple for MAYBE 1 hour each (not having period, I'm pregnant) just to test them out.

ALL are freshly washed.... most have never been worn.

SEVERAL snaps did not work, but I re-pressed them on my snap press and all are functional now.

Two of the pads have what I would call snap grease on them (from the snap press.... they were like this when they came to me).

I don't want any money out of this, I just want to get them a new home.... I was sooo tempted to trash them, but there's nothing WRONG with them, so someone can have these!

I will estimate shipping at $5? If much different we can work it out afterwards

You get... from left to right...

Top Row: Green pad, 3 Pink Pads, Grey Pad, 4 Snap on soakers
Bottom Row: 3 Purple Pads, a Green and a Purple Snap on Liner (for the soakers to snap onto)

PM me....

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I'm late as always

Kimberly, I see it says you're having pregnancy complications... I'm worried about you now girl.. esp after everything you went through with Libby!

PM me - nak myself - or get your behind over to the Dec. board and post an update girl!
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They're gone! Thanks guys!

Jodi, I will PM you!
I don't know Jeca, sex is pretty good.... it might be better than some pads....

Sex, pads, sex, pads... I'm debating.
ROFL - what does it say about us that this is even a question of which would be preferable?
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But that's alot of pads, gotta take that into cosideration.
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You won't need the pads if you keep having sex!

You'll just be nursing and pregnant forever...
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