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Well since the other thread is already at 8 pages I think it's time to start anew. I hope you mamas agree. so here is part 2.

I have..

size smallsyrup brand super cute shirt all white with buttons down the front. Very flattering but my breats no longer fit in this!

elan cover 100% cotten size E. Needs waterproofing.

dappi diaper cover large faded pink polka dots. cover works fine.

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Large Baby and Me Maternity jeans capris. The seam that holds the panel elastic came undone. If you can sew it should be a *really* easy fix.

The New American Diet Cookbook (hard cover)
Weight Watchers Slim Ways Grilling (hard cover, spiral inside)


Beyond Soap, Water and Comb
Les Chiens de Paris
Table Inspirations
Scratching the 'Net, Web Sites for Cats
How to Be the Almost Perfect Husband (mini book)
How to Avoid Love and Marriage (mini book)
A Thousand Paths to Love (mini book)
Learning Curves

Diet Books:
Eating Thin for Life
Break the Weight Loss Barrier
The 9 Truths About Weight Loss

Wedding Books:
A Brides Book of Wedding Traditions
Victoria Magizine Romantic Weddings

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Originally posted by lunabellamama

I also have Medela milk storage bags, opened but only used a few- almost full package.

me please zip code 29906

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Unknown AIO tie-dye print with smiley faces, navy fleece inner. Leaked for use, but you could use as a fitted. Front velcro closure. ****GONE****

Medium (19-26 lbs) Gerber cover teddy bear and bottle print. Worn once. Gusseted legs

Jungle Wraps cover 15-25 pounds on tag, but I'd say smaller. Red tropical print, with a mesh inside
: maybe a swim diaper? Never used here, but bought used. ****GONE****

Unknown fleece cover-fall wheat and butterfly print on burgandy. Front velcro closure, with fold back tabs. I'd say a size medium. Got this as a freebie from a mama here and it didn't fit. Slightly pilly.****GONE****

2T Clifford tee shirt. White with red collar and sleeves. Girly print of Clifford with flowers and ladybugs. Red collar faded on shirt a little.

2T lilac Pooh tee shirt. Embroidered Pooh with butterflies and flowers and the word "Pooh"****GONE****

12 month "Little Lindsay" one piece outfit (pants). Black/white/red plaid with scotty dogs. Red long sleeves, collar and bows with "pearls" on the bows. Winter outfit, kind of dressy.

2T white skort. Great condition, Arizona Jeans Co.

3T Rachel's Kids dress. Floral fabric with demin collar and cuffs. Long sleeved. ****GONE****

18 month sweatsuit. Pink/white striped pants, pink shirt with kitty on it. ****GONE****

24 month Puddles n' Bubbles white turtleneck. Snap crotch. Some light staining.

12 month Christmas sweatshirt. Has 3 stockings with dalmations (not the Disney kind
) coming out of them. Cute. I would think it's maybe a small 12 months, maybe 6-9 months?

12 month 2 piece outfit Lullaby Club. Mauve pants with mittens and matching top with a kitten and washtubs. Top snaps in front. Some staining, but not terribly noticable.

0-3 months Baby Dior terry sleeper/stretchie. White with lavender sailboats. I think this could be girl or boy, but I used it for a girl. ****GONE****

The Second 12 Months of Life by Frankd and Theresa Caplan, paperback ****GONE****

Homeplace by Anne Rivers Siddons, paperback

Beach Music by Pat Conroy, paperback

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, paperback

Cancun Handbook: Mexico's Caribbean Coast by Chicki Mallan, paperback

Taltos by Anne Rice, hardback

Hoopla baby toy (like Whozit), large size ****GONE****

Looney Tunes silver charm bracelet-never worn. Still in velvet jewelery box, but in need of a little polishing. ****GONE****

Wooden insence stick burner/holder. Has some burn marks from where I burned cone-style ones on there. Comes with some sticks.

Massager-wooden with wood "bristles" and a strap to keep it on your hand. Kind of looks like a wooden brush. ****GONE****

New baby photo album. Holds 36 4 x 6" photos. Mint green with baby "stuff" on front. ****GONE****

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TOTALLY A GREAT IDEA- Was gonna do this myself- just never got around to it!

Here is my stuff transfered from the other thread:

Womans White dressier shirt- size 18W(not sure why I have this- as I only wear a 12/14? But needless to say- it's GOTTA GO!

a few mens shirts med/large

green shower curtain rings(brand new in box) more of a mint/lightgreen color(MARTHA STEWART)

boxers- BN- Size 34 blue/black check

Wall/Yard Decoration- Crow holding a sign- says "No old crows allowed"

Briefcase style bookcase/ attache- Basically BN

Mens Size L sweatshirt- Hunter Orange- Deer season?

Womans P.J.s White w/ pinks, blues, flowers- size med. L/L, S/S

Waterproof zippered bag- thicker- maybe for pens/pencils? would work for wipes too.

Black shorts- cotton size L

Size 6 water shoes- lime green and blue- need wahed- but otherwise vec

I have a Flannel Maternity Shirt size L from Take Nine Maternity

Maternity Pants white/black check- very dressy!Size 12/14

SEVERAL Better Homes and Gardens magazines from this year.

Bottle of Stool Softener pills(needed to take iron pills after birth- needed to take these too) BN bottle- of 100- I took maybe 6 of these.(they cost me $10 bn)

Calvin Klein Shorts- Size 7. Stone Washed Denim button fly. Has a small coffee stain colored mark (about the size of a nickel or smaller) on the Left leg. Not sure what from- VEC otherwise as these were not worn for long b4 I outgrew them.

Size 10/12 White t-shirt w/ John Deere Theme on front- VEC

Men's Tank Top- Medium- (38-40) Fruit of the Loom- Never worn

1 Lonely Pink (mauve) pillow case- seam is coming apart in a small section on 1 end

Calvin Klein Tiny Tee- One size fits all- I would say small/medium- White w/ CK logo on chest VEC

Child's shirt- size Med. Black w/ neon colors. Has animal on a sufboard says wake up and smell the surf.

I have some Huggies Diaper Coupons, some pampers coupons and some Gerber Graduates and Gerber #3 Coupons. All I ask is that you send me a SASE.-PM me for my addy

I also have a pair of summer jammies size 18 months- by small steps. Red shorts- white top w/ blue sleeves and bear on chest surfboarding- says little wave rider. Slight normal wash pill. Otherwise VEC

Electric Boy- Corduroy pants- Size 5- VEC-

Panda Bear Sweat Pants- Size 0/6 months- Mint green- slight pill

Alexis Bib- Blue waterproof-has a small light stain-oxyclean will take care of it- never tried

Little Miracles outfit- thin cotton pants- mint one leg has blue patch near bottom other has yellow- Size 6/9 months- matching button up shirt

Little Ones- Stonewashed denim jeans- size 12 months-

Lovespun sweatpants- mintish green - no size- about 3-6 tho

Sweat Outfit- Lighter- Size 9 months Sweat pants- grey w/ blue cuffs- top- sleeveless zip up hoodie- also grey w/ blue

4 bibs- thick pink w/ yellow giraffe, pink with kitty, pink w/ carriage, denim w/ cow jumping over the moon. All are stain free(I think) except for the carriage one has small formula stains(light ones)

Blue hanes onesie- Size 6 months- has sand buckets/shovels across chest-

Carters snap- crotch shirt- size 6-9 months
light blue w/ teddy bear. Light stain on collar- needs oxyclean

newborn hat- white w/ blue checks. CUTE!

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Hello, I'd like these ~

unknown wahm AIO diaper made just like a LL.I'd say an XLG.VGC just too big.

unknown wahm dipe sixe small cute bug print, no doubler though. side snaps.vgc.

dappi diaper cover large faded pink polka dots. cover works fine.

Assorted child's play dishes, plastic. cups, plates,a few bowls, etc.

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Baby clothes:

3/6 mons: Baby Gap one piece s/s. Two tone thick blue stripes. *pending*

3/6 mons: Vitamins one piece s/s with matching sweater. Sweater is yellow and the outfit is white with duckies. *pending*

3/6 mons: All mine one piece s/s outfit with matching ball cap. White with simple cute animal print, blue collar.

3/6 mons: Baby B.U.M. one piece outfit. Long pants with short sleeves. Light blue with bear symbol on front. *pending*

Please PM me if you would like pictures.

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Adding toys and whatnot

Small alien action figure- about 6" tall- Silvery-grey Cute- just not an outerspace family here.

Small cookie monster figureine- About 3.5 inches tall

Teddy Bear- Russ Vintage Collection- "Timperley" VEC- Greenish brown w/ moveable arms and legs

Fisher Price barn activity thing. Has merrigoround of cars w/ holes for the fat people. You drop the weeble in the top and it rolls down and around and lands on the merrigoround thing- CUTE! Missing the weebles tho-

Woody Doll (toy Story) about 8-12" tall- Plastic head and arms

Do Little Dog (one of those things you can draw on w/ thier markers and then wash it clean)- Missing the markers

Teletubbies- Red and Yellow ones- Small about 4-6" tall- yellow one rattles

Large Teletubby- Red one- Has the square that you push in the middle and it lights up or does whatever- needs cleaned

Step 2 Work bench(the small one for like 12months +) Needs cleaned(was outside) and is missing the "tools"

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I have the following books

Sally Beauman - Lovers and Liars
Judy Blume - Summer SIsters
Dr. Brazelton - What Every Baby Knows
Dee Brestin - The Friendships of Women (Christian)
Lorenzo Carcaterra - A Safe Place
William Goldman - Brothers
Eileen Goudge - SUch Devoted Sisters
Dr.'s Heller - The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program
Sebastian Junger - The Perfect Storm
James Patterson - Jack & Jill
Sondra Ray - Ideal Birth
J.D. Robb - Purity in Death, Betrayal in Death
Erich Segal - Acts of Faith
Bernhard Schlink - The Reader
Amy Tan - The Kitchen God's Wife

Backroads - Tawni O'Dell
The Covenant - Beverly Lewis
Hannibal - Thomas Harris
The MIdwife's Tale - Gretchen Moran Laskas
Oprah Winfrey Speaks
Prey - Michael Crichton
The Wild Baron - Catherine Coulter


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OK, here is my list:

3/4 tube of Balmex

2 oz of bottle of baby powder (Equate - Walmart brand)

3.4 oz bottle of AVENT baby hair and body wash (used once)

Small bar of Clinique face soap in Clinique container (used a few times)

1.75 oz bottle of Lavendar body wash by soft soap

1.1 oz Palmers cocoa butter nursing cream. Never opened, still sealed.

Cover Girl clean makeup foundation in creamy natural. Used once, wrong color for me. Full bottle.

Pack of 25 "Thank you for the christening gift" thank you cards. with envelopes. Still sealed in plastic.

I'll do some more searching and add more later.

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unknown wahm dipe sixe small cute bug print, no doubler though. side snaps.vgc

I have a nice soft cup nursing bra size38B. Hardly worn, natural color all cotton. I may also have a white one if I can find it!
Looks like some claimed the dipe, but I will be your backup! :LOL

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This is so exciting! I can get rid of "stuff" and get fun stuff in return

I've got the following...

1 can of Athena Prenatal effervescent vitamins-yummy, hardly used, couldn't stand fuzzy things

Bag of assorted nipples for it from a mom on TP-great if you are trying to find a nipple for your little one

The Copper Beech- Mauve Binchy***pending***
Living Well on a Shoestring- Yankee magazine editors**pending*
The Herb Book- John Lust**pending***

Will add more later!
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