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I am cleaning the house for the company we have coming tomorrow for Adriana's baptism.

I have the following to give away... first come first serve.
Please only ask for it, if you can not afford it.

ALL Items are FREE, I just ask that you pay the shipping. (IF you can't afford it, LMK and we will work something out)

Gameboy Power Puff Girls Game
(This was for the GB Color, but it works in the Advance)

SOS Diaper-
(This is shot, but would work great if someone wanted to put elastic in it. - Red Dog print)

Large Diaper Covers
(I think they are all Dappi, but not sure... they were given to me, and I really just don't need them)

Gerber Prefolds
(HEY, I raised the other 3 kids on them.. they work)

(I bought this for like 40.00 at Dillards last fall, and I am sick of it.
It is a tan color, great condition.. can even hold a few dipes with your stuff)

(This is the larger size, removable one... it's missing the lid- I have always used a plate)

I think that's all for now, I'm sure I will find more later.

Please do NOT PM me!!!
If you want any of the above items, please email me!
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