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I posted this here cause I really want someone to see them so it can go out. I need to pull out fall/winter clothing and see what I need so things must go out. Shipping is a doller for the first item and .75 each additional item if it's much less I will refund the differance<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="orange big grin"><br>
Everything is stain and hole free may be some slight fading at the most.<br><br><br>
Honors S/S shirt size 4T. white with summer prints girls.<br><br>
Disney S/S size 4T. grey with tigger on it, boys.<br><br>
Size 5/6 green suspender shorts with afrog patch.(B)<br><br>
Vol. ! ladies L/S shirt size small very pretty shades of brown.(very figure flattering)<br><br>
Jerzees xs(2-4) red shirt S/S this does have 2 tiney pin holes in it from a pin my son wouldn't ever take off the shirt.(nice red color though)(GN)<br><br>
creame colored turtle neck size 2T has a small hole from another pin by the neck.(GN)<br><br>
xs(4-5) s/s blue tshirt with white trim on coller(boy)<br><br>
Faded glory size 24 months onsie with baby chicks on it(girls)<br><br>
Kooshies diaper cover in teddy bear print size large I'm guessing it doesn't say.<br><br>
Reeboks size 10 1/2 (toddler boys) looks good(SH 2.50)<br><br>
More later...
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