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Free Imse Vimse Wool+More Wool Covers, Eucalan

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One Imse Vimse Wool in Large that was accidently put in the dryer and shrunk to a Medium. Also has hole in inside liner but still useable. Free-just pay shipping based on your zip. Pending

One Wool Lambkins in Medium that was shrunk to a Small. Good condition though. Would fit large newborn to maybe 15lbs.
Free-just shipping. Pending

One Imse Vimse Wool cover in Large that was barely used. In great condition-never dried. Has VERY faint food mark on outside front. Barely visible. $10.00 plus shipping. Pending

One bottle Eucalan almost full. $4.00 plus shipping. Pending
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I sent you PM @ eucalan and the shrunken large to medium wool------- Amy
Thank you, everyone who pm'ed me. I received a lot of interest. I contacted the first interested parties. If they change their mind, I will contact the next person in line.
Thanks again!
Hi,your PM box was full. I definately want the large Bumpy wool. My zip is 77375. PM me with the total and you paypal addy. Thanks!
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