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I meant to post this much sooner, but I couldn't get into this website for some reason! Here's the info.

Dr. Mary Reed is giving this class TONIGHT (12/4/08) at 8PM EST. I've taken this class a couple of times and every time I take it, I learn more. It's a great class!

Here's the course description:

"Learn how to give your baby the best possible foundation by preparing the body and improving the DNA both parents will donate to the baby. Also covered are common causes and solutions for infertility, preparing your thyroid, tracking fertility using rhythm and billings methods, how pH helps determine the baby's sex, overcoming deficiencies that can contribute to pregnancy problems and birth defects, etc.

Lecture time is typically 1 hour. However, we keep the lecture room open until 12 am to accommodate everyone's questions."

Here's the link to get into the class:

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