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Free Reiki for Autistic Kids on the cape once a month

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There is a loving group of folks I just found that give free Reiki to autistic kids one saturday a month in Sandwich, MA. I took my son down there for the first time last weekend and it was great. Five kids, around 8 practitioners, and a great intention.

First all the kids were in the middle on a large mat, hanging with their family or themselves. Then they worked on the kids one by one. They worked on some parents, too, and I was lucky enough to have someone volunteer to watch ds so I could.

I can't say enough nice things about them. pm me if you want contact info.

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I also offer free Reiki. I'm in metrowest, MA. I offer it on an as needed basis.
I'm a Reiki master who has been practicing for 8 yrs now.

Pm me if interested
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