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Since the surgery i was having a hard time putting up the packages so here i go..Please let me know if i made any mistakes or if you added something thats not there. I am going to check on the postage of these tonight and then have the totals up tommorow...I know everyone has been having a hard time with the stamps thing so i will accept paypal at this time if its more convinient for you...I wrote everyone through the FIFO

Goodcents: 3 carnation good starts expire 2005

happymommy- spa steamer(i still have to get you the info on it but but its in the box like new)

country mom- clinique, the whitening the camera.

Mamatoto2- Proraps, navy wet bag, the pail liner, avent disks and the Mirco.

Spiralwoman- Nipple Cream and Fenugreek

Glitterbeam- Perfumes and the body wash

Kimberly(sorry i dont know your MDC nick)-
diaper, cupons and the mat shirts(i gotta send a pic)

Tonie- the CPFs

I know im missing someone for the ricola and i think a lipstick pls email me again...

thanks mamas for your patience
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