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Free UBB paperwork

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I have pretty much all the paperwork I got when I signed up. I think I used one or two order forms. If anyone is interested i can look though it and see what exactly is in there.
You can have it but I will have to charge shipping since it is kind of heavy and I don't know how much it will be. OR...I'll trade you for a good book. Any book...I'll trust ya.
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what's UBB?
Unique Baby Boutique, Inc.

Why are you getting rid of your paperwork?
If you signed up a long time ago... (ie: more than a couple months ago) all the paperwork has changed. UBB is changing it's name so all the old paperwork & catalogs are now obsolete.

I never did get into it so I'm not a consultant anymore.
So did they change order forms and everything? Aw man! That stinks. I guess I'll just trash it then.
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That sucks.
: The new catalog just came out within the last 2 months.

Sorry you have to trash it.
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