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Freezing Kindervital?

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Can you? We had the smaller bottle last time, and managed to get through almost all of it and then one day, I noticed there were white/mold spots in it. DD is supposed to get 5mL/twice a day, but we're just doing 5mL once a day. DP picked up a new bottle, but got a super-sized one. I just don't think we can get through it before it goes! Can I pour half of it into a sterile container and toss it in the freezer? Is there another/better way to keep some of it?
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I would call the company and ask them. I called them recently re a Floradix question and they were quite helpul.
Let us know. We never get through a bottle - what a waste...
I did call the company. Go ahead with the freezing. She seemed a little unimpressed with the fact that I was giving dd 5mL once a day instead of twice a day. I just re-itterated that I wasn't calling to complain that our bottles always go moldy, but just to ask if we could freeze the stuff!

Anyway, she recommended that I freeze it in an ice cube tray in the required dosage, which is super logical and would be handy. I won't call back and say I just poured 2/3 of the bottle into a mason jar and tossed it in the freezer.
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