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I have just rejoined, I posted occasionally under another handle when I was pg with my now 2.5 year old son. I also have a 5.5 year old son. We're in Canada. I'm hoping for some perspectives on what has been happening with my 2.5 year old lately.<br><br>
I'll try to make a long story short. Basically, he's been getting high fevers (103ish, up to 105) every 2-3 weeks since January (likely before that as well, we just weren't keeping track, assuming it was normal for a toddler to get fevers, and that they were fighting off whatever viruses were around). Other than the high fever, extreme lethargy, lack of appetite (he even nurses less sometimes, when I'd expect him to nurse more -- he's slowly self-weaning but I would think in times of illness this would not progress), he usually has no other symptoms. He doesn't have a cold, a cough, he's not stuffy, doesn't complain of his ears or his throat (though wakes up constantly in the night asking for water). He has vomitted a couple times, but once during a period of illness (and I suspect it is more from ibuprofen upsetting his empty tummy), not continuously, and not every time. He's totally fine one day, then bam, he's burning up. And at this point, we can pretty much predict when it will happen -- there have been at least 6 instances since the beginning of the year, lasting from a day to more than 5. If he is not sick again next week or at the latest, the week after that, I'll be shocked.<br><br>
Normally I would not medicate a low grade fever, but these are scary high (to me). I don't usually take my kids to be seen for just a fever either, but due to the high temps and now frequency and predictability, I've been taking him in mainly to have it documented and rule things out. And of course he usually perks up once we get there, so our family doc tells us it's viral, it's normal. She finally say him at his worst last week and agreed that seeing him just lying there in my arms and with such a high temp. was not good.<br><br>
He's been tested for strep (neg), ears have been checked (they're always fine), even had blood and urine tests (no UTI showed up). For the most part, no one else in the home is sick in any way -- maybe twice my 5.5 year old has had similar symptoms (fever but no cough, cold etc.) at the same time. My older son goes to senior kindergarten, but my younger son is at home during the day with a nanny (i.e. he is not in daycare).<br><br>
He's otherwise a healthy kid, eats fairly well when not sick, is smart as a whip, very physical and curious and sweet natured and very, very determined. It just does not seem right to me that he is sick so frequently without an obvious source. I've googled of course, and come up with something called Periodic Fever Syndrome, which sounds really familiar, but apparently this is more common among people with Mediterranean background, which is not us.<br><br>
Has anyone been through anything similar???
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