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I posted about this in Toddlers, but now I'm wondering if it's really a health issue....DS is 2 and has always been a 1-2x/day pooper.<br><br>
A few weeks ago, I posted here b/c his poop seemed much more compact than normal and smelled very mothball-y. B/c we were going out of town for a week and wouldn't have access to yogurt, I started him on priobiotics. The week we were out of town his poop continued as had been usual, but stopped stinking. So I kept him on the probiotics.<br><br>
Now that we're home, he's back on his normal diet of no junk, whole grains, veggies, lots of fruit, etc. He's pooping like 5-9 times a day, and it's not all nice and neat. It's much smaller amounts each time, though, so I don't think there's more quantity per day than usual.<br><br>
Any ideas for why this is? I was thinking it could be due to his sudden PLing and pooping on the potty, but can he really hold it and then just poop little bits at a time on purpose??? Or is it diet? Or something else?
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