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Fresno/Clovis Mommys?

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Am I the only one?
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No, there is a few of us. I'm up in the foothills though, come down to Fresno to shop.
Been here long??
Been here about 8 years. My grandparents are in coarsegold.. and so is that always tasty Chuckchansi buffet. lol
I grew up here - back when there wan't much to do at all! Married my husband 10 years ago, moved away and came back almost 2 years ago. Much has changed!

"My" foothills are the non casino foothills; (thank goodness, who wants that kind of traffic?) the hills towards kingscanyon. We are currently living in Dunlap but will be building a house in Squaw Valley. Very pretty area - without the hideous smog.

Hope that you aren't suffering from the air - my first born was, in the year that we lived in Fresno (right next to the 41.)
Howdy from Mariposa

mom to dd (6), ds (3) and ds (2 weeks)
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts