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Friday Diaper Fairy Thank You's!! (Pics!!)

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I was stunned to get something today!

Libby is a DOGGIE fiend! Sooooo, Doggie Girl is TOTALLY appropriate!!

It's a Cloud 9 Softie with the cutest doggie print of little doggies and dog bones and doghouses

THANK YOU!!! She loves it (and yes, she's a lounge addict! Hehe, isn't it charming??).


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I was also stunned to get something today. Thank you SHAN for the yummy yummy beautiful dyed prefolds (ya didn't even TRY to hide your address or anything
), soap, and cute washie. It really brightened my day!
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you are welcome, actually I went to great lengths to remain anonymous, but the fates wouldn't allow it (see pissed diaper fairy thread LOL).
YAY! Shan's stuff showed up! That was a funny funny thread!
How sweet. I bet the diaper fairy feels as warm and cozy as she does in that dipe for blessing you,
Not to hijack the thread but kimberlylibby - tykie diapers is stocking DIM SUM dipes next friday 6-7 pm!!! I just got an email.
Nononononono Hannahmom!! I am on the wagon!!! My butt is FIRMLY planted to the seat!! i will *NOT* be tempted!!

(fingers in ears)


Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
i will *NOT* be tempted!!

Even by the possibility of Libby and Katie having matching dim sum????!!!
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I'm sorry, did someone post. I don't see any posts?

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