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"Friendly" weed/grass killer

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Recently bought a house with a *gorgeous* garden, and I love getting outside, especially when DS (5 months) is having a nap. Problem is bermuda grass has gotten into some of the garden beds. I have sprayed with roundup but I can only do it when someone else is at home to pick up DS. I like to first have a shower, change clothes before I touch him after I've sprayed and with a screaming baby waiting, it's easier for someone else to be there. So, what other ways can I kill this grass that won't also hurt my son? I would still wash my hands, but would like to not have to shower/change first.
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vinegar. works best when you spray it in bright sun, and it's better on broadleaf stuff, but a good soaking right where all the leaves join should get bermuda grass. Though the best thing for bermuda is yanking all the runners and putting in root barriers.
what aobut poison ivy? We have it growing up a tree that DS loves to touch.


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Well, luckily, I have no idea about poison anything
But it's just vinegar which I can get in 2 gallon bottles for about $3 at Costco and I found a small pressure sprayer for $7 at Big Lots, so it's worth trying. We have some scary nightshade things that I'm going to try it on this weekend.
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