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Friends infant ff please help!

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My Dear Friend who is brilliant in many ways has her 3 month old ff in her Mazda Matrix. She has 3 children in the back seat and she said to rf the seat made it all wonky and she thinks this is safest to have him ff. Makes me quiver I want to be able to kindly offer her a better alternative! Would it be more dangerous to have the oldest in a booster in the front?
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I'd convince her to get the free police help. They will help install the seats in the safest way. Yes, the oldest or tallest should be in front, infant in center back seat rear facing. Actually if she was pulled over (in California) she would be at least ticketed, but possibly arrested for child endangerment. That means the kids go to a shelter or foster care and the car gets impounded.
I second the suggestion for getting the free police help w/ installation. Then the info wouldn't just be coming from a concerned friend (you), but from the pros/first responders, who see the results in person (in bad accidents) of *not* having the babes seats in the safest position. That can be very persuasive.
This makes no sense. Having a FF, RF in the middle, FF configuration is almost always the best way to puzzle 3 car seats together. Definitely have her go to a car seat check place for help, if she will not allow you to help her.
Yikes, get that girl to a CPST immediately! Scary
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Man, I shouldn't have opened this. I lose sleep over stuff like this. That poor baby.
I am not familiar with a Mazda Matrix -- is it an American car?

There are very few American (sold in America, not necessarily an "American" company) cars in which a good CPST cannot get three-across with the right seats -- yes, she may have to buy new seats. If it is a tiny car or there are only two seatbelts in back and the three-across just can't happen, the oldest forward-facing harnessed child should be in front. It is unbelievably dangerous, as well as illegal, for a 3mo to be forward-facing.
Besides the fact that it is completely unsafe, I can't imagine why having 1 rf and 2 ff would cause a wonky set up. I would think that 3 ff would be harder. That poor baby, I hope that your friend switches her lo back to rf soon.

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I am not familiar with a Mazda Matrix -- is it an American car?

its the toyota matrix, also sold as the pontiac vibe.
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I did a search on car-seat dot org and someone has pictures of 2 Radians and a Marathon, as well as 2 Radians and a Frontier. The MA and Frontier are very wide seats, so I don't see how 3-across isn't possible with seats like the Scenera. If she can't get it to work, though, the oldest harnessed child needs to go up front with the seat pushed back all the way. She absolutely cannot have her baby FF any more.
Have you mentioned to her it's illegal?
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